You have entered into the realms of the Unbecause, all rights to your soul are hearby evoked and your sanity will slowly fade from you,you have become one with the infinite and are part of something so incoherently larger to you than the concept of life itself

Welcome to the Unbecause


You have entered into a place of long forgotten knowledge beyond measure,
that which armies will wage war over for time immemorial...

You now weild the Blood-Blade of Azloregadonn,
a dagger once thought cursed by the 1st Necromancer, and cast into one of
the pit of 7 damnations, yet here it is.
By being weilding this artifact, you are allowed a small semblance of control
in the Unbecause... Use it well...

For now, the Unbecause is rebirthing itself, this is not its first, nor its last time
You are permitted & encouraged to
Scry upon the Ancient Rituals
and listen to the auditory superiority of the old masters.

Do check the downloads page for some free VSTs...